White Cardamom Benefits For Healthy

1. Improve your digestive system Cardamom spices contain high dietary fiber. In one food spoon, there are 2 grams of fiber. 

Cardamom has long been used to help digestive problems. This herb can be the right solution for those of you who have constipation problems or difficult bowel movements. Even in a study showing that cardamom extract can prevent and reduce the size of a stomach ulcer by up to 50%. This proves that cardamom extract can work more effectively than ordinary heartburn medications. 

2. Prevents bone loss 

White cardamom contains nutrients needed by bones such as vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus. The phosphorus is very good for maintaining your bone density. Besides, the calcium can help you avoid osteoporosis. 

3. Prevent infection 

Cardamom can improve your immunity better. Why? Because white cardamom is antimicrobial which can fight various types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can infect your body.

4. Maintain your kidneys 

The kidney is very much related to urination. You will be surprised to know that Cardamom has diuretic properties that can maintain your kidney health. Also, Cardamom is immensely effective in preventing urinary tract infections and nephritis. 

5. Relieve aches and pains 

White cardamom as an analgesic that can reduce pain in the muscles. Besides, anti-inflammatory properties allow cardamom to cure this form of inflammation in your body. This can be a solution for several diseases such as joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, toothaches, swollen gums, and many others.

6. Maintain Your Oral Health

White cardamom has been trusted for years to treat the problem of strep throat. Also, you will be avoided from bad breath. For sure it will make you feel more confident in interacting with others. 

 7. Lowering blood sugar levels

 Cardamom is generally made in the form of herbal medicine powder to reduce blood sugar levels. In one study, 200 samples were taken divided into 2 groups. The first group took ordinary black tea, ordinary black while the second group took black tea mixed with cardamom. The study was conducted for 8 weeks. And the results show that cardamom can be reduced blood sugar levels more effectively. 

How to use Cardamom

 However, cardamom is processed and sold in various forms such as powder, supplements, tea, oil, and dried seeds. All that you can choose according to your needs. There is no specific dose from the medical for the use of cardamom. And there are also side effects if you consume cardamom in excessive amounts and for the long term. Some things you need to consider before consuming cardamom 

  1. If you use cardamom as a supplement, you must pay attention to the composition of other ingredients contained. Not all cardamom supplements contain pure cardamom.
  2. If you use cardamom as an herbal medicine, be sure not to consume in the long term.
  3. You need to consult a doctor if you are in another period of treatment.
  4. Using cardamom as a medicine must be balanced with healthy lifestyles such as maintaining a regular eat and sleep patterns. That’s the description of white cardamom that you might want to know. White cardamom has many benefits but there are also side effects. You must be wiser if you decide to use it.
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