PT RAMNU is a leading supplier high quality spices, resin and other agriculture products origin Indonesia.  We provide clean, safe and traceable sweet spices and other natural ingredients consistent with international quality assurance standards. 

We collaborate  and build long term partnerships with local farmer that aims resulting in strong relationship that mutually strengthen business, so we can provide and Commit in Quality Assurance. 

Our vision and mission is being a strategic partner for customers in direct from origin. We consider it our mission to be a reliable, ethical supplier for companies looking for socially responsible natural. 

PT RAMNU aims to consistently produce and deliver in alignment with international business standards and quality expectations. We constantly seek ways to better serve our community, partners and employees. As a company it’s our aim to do this responsibly, for the benefit of people, planet and profit. PT RAMNU committed to socially responsible practices, we seek to improve the livelihood of local farmers. We avoid producers that use non-sustainable, environmentally unfriendly cultivation methods