Cinnamon Cassia

Cinnamon Cassia

Cinnamon Cassia

Cinnamon Cassia Indonesia is Cinnamomum Burmanii origin from Indonesia. This plants can grow until 15 m. This type of cinnamon has a stronger aroma and darker bark. Besides being delicious, cinnamon also has a spice and sweet flavor.

Classification of Cinnamon Plant: 

Kingdom                   : Plantae

Sub Kingdom           : Tracheobionta

Super Division         : Spermatopytha

Division                    : Magnoliophyta

Class                         : Magnoliopsida (Dicothyl)

Sub Class                 : Magnoliidae

Ordo                         : Laurales

Family                      : Lauraceae

Genus                       : Cinnamomum

Species                     : Cinnamomum Burmanii (Cassia Indonesia),



Characteristics of Morphology of the Cinnamon Plant



Bole of the cinnamon plant is upright, woody, branched, slightly heavy, dense with smooth structure and fibers. The most used cinnamon is the inside part of the bark. The essential oil many contained in the branches.


Cinnamon fruit has one-grain fruit and have pulp. The color of the young fruit is dark green whereas, the color of the old fruit is dark purple. The cinnamon fruit has an elongated rounded shape. The fruit measures are range between 1,3-1,6 cm with diameter about 0,35-0,75 cm.


The cinnamon plant has single-leaf that has the stiffness like has a skin. The located is interspersed which the length of the stem is about 0,5-1,5 cm and has 3 bone leaves that grow bent. The leaf of the cinnamon plant is shape ellipse with the pointy end.


The color of cinnamon flower  is yellow which grows on the tassel. The cinnamon flower is a perfect flower, that means it has pistil and stamen. Meanwhile, The flower pollination is helped by insect.


The seeds of the cinnamon plants are egg-shaped, and small, the young seeds have a green color. Whereas, the old seeds have black color.

Grades of Cinnamon Cassia

Cuttin Stick

Cinnamon Cutting Stick AA


Cutting Stick

Cinnamon Cutting Stick GM


Cutting Stick

Cinnamon Cutting Stick AA


Broken Stick

Cinnamon Broken


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