Sanguis Draconis Benefit in the Field of Women's Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health Products

87.5% of women in the world currently suffer from reproductive tract infections to varying degrees. However, the cure rate for reproductive tract infections is less than 4%. More than 96% of married women suffer from gynecological diseases to varying degrees. Every 3 minutes, a female friend gets cervical cancer, and every 7 minutes, a woman dies from cervical cancer, a woman dies from ovarian cancer every 30 minutes.

Sanguis Draconis

Product Gongjiebao is a product made from the main ingredient SANGUIS DRACONIS/ Dragon Blood. Its functions are diverse, including cleansing the uterus and detoxifying, as well as stimulating menstruation and activating the body’s meridians. Additionally, the product plays a role in regulating the flow of qi and blood in the body, as well as regulating endocrine function. Another benefit is its ability to warm the uterus and expel cold, as well as balance the yin and yang energies in the body.

The Product is also known for its ability to provide nourishment and repair the body. The product is also claimed to be able to remove spots and nourish the skin. With its various benefits, this product is a choice for those seeking solutions to reproductive health issues and skin beauty.

The use of this product can help maintain holistic balance and health in the body. By stimulating blood and energy circulation, the product can enhance overall well-being. However, like with any other health product, it is important to consult with a medical professional before using it, especially for individuals with certain health conditions or pregnant women.

With a combination of natural ingredients believed to have benefits for reproductive health and skin beauty, the product offers a holistic and natural solution for those who care about their body’s health and skin beauty. With the right attention to its use, this product can be a valuable addition to overall body care and health.

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