Sanguis Draconis Only Growth in Indonesia

Dragon Blood/ Xue Jie/Sanguis Draconis is the resin exuded from the fruits of the palm plant Kirin stem and other plants of the same genus.  Produced in Indonesia.

Sanguis Draconis can be divided into original Sanguis Draconis and processed Sanguis Draconis. PT RAMNU is the company that processes the original dragon blood in the place of origin Sumatra Indonesia without adding excipients. PT RAMNU also has the capability to process  the original dragon blood mixed with auxiliary materials. It is usually tied into a round and square shape with a cloth bag, with a dark red or black red surface and a trademark.


Xue Jie is a traditional Chinese medicine that promotes blood circulation and heals injuries. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and relieving pain. It is mainly used for bruises, internal injuries, bruises, and traumatic bleeding. Grind into fine powder and take it internally or externally.

血竭 / Xuè Jié/ Dragon Blood/ Sanguis Draconis
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