Story of 血竭 / Xuè Jié/ Dragon Blood called "Qilinji" in the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty

This product is powder, slightly round, square or brick shaped, with a dark reddish pink surface, shiny, and reddish pink due to friction. It is hard and brittle, the broken surface is red, and the powder is brick red. The smell is slight and the taste is light. Insoluble in water, softens in hot water.

血竭 / Xuè Jié/ Dragon Blood


Xue jie or Dragon Blood (known as Qilinjie in old times) could be a valuable therapeutic fabric whose blood is as shinning as fire; Ming Line pharmacologist Li Shizhen called it “the heavenly pharmaceutical for advancing blood circulation”.

1500 a long time back.

On the historic Silk Road, amidst the chiming of camel bells, envoys journeyed from the prosperous land of West Asia, known as the Great Food Nation (modern-day Arabia). Overcoming rugged terrain and vast deserts, they arrived at the magnificent ancient Chinese capital of Chang’an, bearing rare and valuable medicinal treasures such as Qilin horn to present to the Tang Emperor.

The emissary of the Huge Eater, holding a blood-red Qilin in his hand, told the Sovereign of the Tang Tradition the root of this enchanted medication:
In old times, the Enormous Eaters made a living by chasing and grouping, traveling back and forward between cliffs and antiquated timberlands all day long. As a result, people and creatures endured wounds from falls. Slaughter has gotten to be commonplace. One day, a bovine ventured on the discuss and fell down the cliff. The dairy animals was dying abundantly. The shepherd saw blood-red sap streaming out of the tree trunk that had been broken by the dairy animals. The harmed dairy animals licked the sap and connected it to the wound. After a whereas, the dying ceased. The dairy animals chewed the clears out once more. After a whereas, the harmed dairy animals supernaturally turned over and stood up. The shepherd ran and climbed down to the valley, and connected the blood-red sap on his dying hands and feet that were scratched by rocks and thistles. Instantly, the blood halted streaming and the torment vanished. 

The shepherd brought back the dried blood-red tar condensed on the tree trunk and told the individuals almost the mysterious impacts of the sap. Individuals at that point respected the blood-red sap as a divine medication and called it “Qilinji”. 

Since at that point, Qilinjie has gotten to be a valuable therapeutic fabric utilized by the Chinese royal residence, and continuously spread to the individuals, getting to be a profitable therapeutic fabric in conventional Chinese medication

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