Cloves Zanzibar Quality

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One of the high-quality cloves is cloves zanzibar. Every year, more than 6000 tons of cloves are produced. Here are what needs to know about it.

When cloves zanzibar harvested?

Zanzibar is an island in Tanzania that is known for Spice Islands and it used to be the largest producer of cloves. There are two seasons in a year that cloves Zanzibar can be harvested. July-September (The Mwaka season) and December-March (Vuli season). Months of September, October and November is the most important time to harvest

The branches in lower place can be shaken off or pulled with hands freely.  The farmers are equipped with climbing skill because they have to climb 15m cloves trees. Go back in a glance to the history, the trees were introduced from Indonesia around 19th century. At that time, spices held a value in the development of human. That’s why many foreign ships passed by Indonesia to buy spices including cloves to be brought to their countries.  

How to Pick and dry cloves zanzibar?

For picking up the cloves, every person in the area of living can help. The stage for picking up the cloves is when cloves bud is fully developed well. It also needs to be checked about the calyx. If it turns pink from green colors, the farmers can pick it. So, cloves farmers don’t need to dislocate twigs because it can reduce the ability of cloves trees to bear. After that, the process of separating cloves from the stems must be done carefully. It should be done on the mat and in clean environment and dry it at least for three days. Cloves farmers must know that cloves are edible, so they have to do standards in fulfilling the hygiene before selling them to the market. In addition, before taking the cloves to the market, farmers need to sort out the cloves from the dirt and particles. It is important to ensure that the farmers get a high price. Jadi dalam menguyah Pinang perlu diperhatikan batasan mengkomsumi, sehingga tidak menyebabkan resiko lebih besar daripada manfaatnya.

The future of cloves zanzibar depends on its ability to fix problems happens in home industry and how successful those cloves can be sold in the market with a competitive price. Here are things might able to be done by cloves farmers along with Indonesia’s government to make sure cloves zanzibar can be accepted and have competitive prize.   

1.     Make sure that the cloves are clean by not having unwanted particles for 2%.

2.     Ensure that all the cloves taken are dry and rate of moisture can’t exceed 14%.

3.     Use the Sun only to dry the cloves.

4.     No mixed things like powder when the cloves have been sold.

5.     Dry the cloves on a mat and clean environment.

6.     Every stakeholder must do their role well for quality of cloves.  

Realizing the cloves uses are very important especially in Indonesia, stakeholders, farmers and government must have a good cooperation in order the quality and the price will not be too high for Indonesian people. Therefore, government should help cloves famers to produce more and more cloves. In Zanzibar the government really pays the farmers with 80% of the market price, developing intellectual properties, loans for cloves Indonesia farmers until they succeed harvesting, etc.  

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