The Benefits of Gum Benzoin

Gum Benzoin or well known as Kemenyan in Indonesia is used as incense or cigarette incense mixture. Not only that, Gum Benzoin also benefits for medicine, perfume, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. There are many benefits of Kemenyan that can be useful for human’s life.

History of Gum Benzoin

Benzoin is a tree that exists in South Asia. The form of it is wet when it is gelatinous, crystals when it is dry and hard. There are two types of Gum Benzoin. They are Benzoin Siam and Benzoin Sumatra. For this, it will focus on Gum benzoin Sumatra which mostly grows up in Sumatra Island. Gum Benzoin Sumatra is different with Siam Benzoin because it contains cinnamic acid besides Benzoic acid. Gum Benzoin or Kemenyan has been used by the people many years ago. To produce Benzoin, Styrax Benzoin trees must grow up well. So, far high quality Styrax Benzoin Sumatra grow up well in Indonesia precisely in North Tapanuli. The age of the tree is quite old which is 50-70 years old. Styrax Benzoin Sumatra become one of the main livelihoods for people in Sumatra. There are approximately 130 species of trees in tropical climate countries. The distribution of styrax benzoin are in Asia, south America to southeastern of America. To harvest Styrax Benzoin Sumatra, the skin must be separated from other impurities substances and dry it for 3-6 months. After it dries, the incense sap is ready to export. There are some forms of Kemenyan that people can use. It can be in the form of solid, oil, cream and lotion.   

“On its glory day, Gum Benzoin was considered as the gold from the east”

The Benefits of Gum Benzoin


Mostly people associate Gum Benzoin or Kemenyan with something magic, but it actually has many benefits for human’s life. In the field of dentistry, Gum benzoin Sumatra can be used to treat swollen gums and sores on the mouth. Besides, there are still many benefits of it.


One of the benefits is for treating the skin. If you want to avoid skin infection, Gum Benzoin Sumatra can be the best option. For example, having an open wound on the skin will make people worry. It is because it will let bacteria, fungi and microbes get in your skin. Gum Benzoin Sumatra from the best Styrax Benzoin Sumatra trees consist of high-quality antiseptic substances that can destroy bacteria and fungi.

For people especially women, having big pores can be scary because it will influence your appearance and even lacking your confidence. As a result, it will become blackheads or zits. If many of you have this kind of problem, you can apply Gum Benzoin Sumatra oil on your skin. The oil from Styrax Benzoin Sumatra work for refreshing the skin, absorb excessing sebum and lessen pores. 

After having done with the pores, Gum Benzoin Sumatra can relieve inflammation. Taken from the best tree of Styrax Benzoin Sumatra, inflammation is a piece of cake problem. When the skin isn’t compatible with a certain air or products, the skin will become inflamed. It usually causes the skin itchy and pain. However, that condition will make people uncomfortable to deal with. So, applying Gum benzoin Sumatra oil will be suggested.

Even so, here are some things about Kemenyan before starting to use it:

·       It can’t be consumed by people who are hypersensitivity with this herb. 

·       Use Kemenyan only for medicine and inhalation.

·       If there is hypersensitivity, including anaphylaxis.

·       If there is gastrointestinal bleeding such as dark stools, gastritis, abdominal pain.

Before applying in wider area, there must be a test in a smaller area like elbow skin. If there’s a feeling of heat, itchy and a rash, stop using it immediately. To maximize the using of Kemenyan, there will be a dose that people should know. Basically, every dose of herb is different including Gum Benzoin Sumatra. It really depends on the age, health and other conditions. For further actions, it is advised to consult with herb expert for maximum result. 


Gum Benzoin Sumatra usually places in a house, open fire and place of worship. It is also used by some major religions. In Java, the use of Kemenyan used by Javanese people to hold ceremonies that requires incense along with in Chinese temples. The extract of Gum benzoin Sumatra produces the fragrance in a form of joss stick. From the best Styrax Benzoin Sumatra trees, it is now exported mostly in India and Malaysia. Gum benzoin Sumatra offers a promising business in Indonesia, that’s why people in Sumatra should start to make it bigger for their own economy and the bigger one is for the country.      

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