About Us

Indonesia ranks as the country with the world’s third largest tropical rainforest. These rainforests possesses high economic value derived from various sources.

These natural resources significantly contributed to Indonesia’s development, but at the same time, rapid deforestation has heightened both domestic as well as international concerns Therefore, the application of these natural resources requires an operator that has both the responsibility and commitment to conducting this business, preserving the environment, and simultaneously empowering the local community.

PT RAMNU (PT Raja Majus Nusantara)  truly understands the above concept. Apart from focusing efforts aimed at enhancing business growth, constantly taken into consideration factors pertaining to the environment and empowering the community as an integral part of the Company’s blue print.

PT RAMNU is a farmer and leading distributor of agriculture and forestry products Gum Benzoin Sumatra, Cinnamon, Coffee Bean, Sichuan Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Fuli/Mace. We provide a good quality products, inspected and We expand our market worldwide to export. This company has developed a vast network all over the world.