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Indonesia is one of earth’s most rich tropical landscapes with its rainfall and sunlight over the year. The land of God’s subsidy where highest quality of natural resources.  PT RAMNU provide Indonesia best agriculture products to export worldwide,  corporate with local farmers and built a strong foundation in processing related products.

Our Products

Gum Benzoin Sumatra

Gum Benzoin Sumatra is balsamic resin obtained from the bark of species of tree styrax origin from sumatra. It is used in making parfumes, incense, cosmetics, medicines, scented candles, as falvoring in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, baked goods, chewing gum, frozen dairy, gelatins, puddings and soft candy.

Green Coffee Bean

Indonesia Green Coffee Bean, called as magic beans with premium taste, high-quality arabica beans and is cultivated in highland around 1300 -17000 a.s.l Indonesia especially Sumatera. 

Cinnamon Cassia Indonesia

Indonesian cinnamon, also known as Cassia, can be found throughout the lush island nation but the highest quality is located in central Sumatra at the base of Mount Kerinci. Only a limited quantity of premium cinnamon forest exists and this land is dedicated to the native families who have traditionally farmed and collected this spicy bark for generations.

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