Coffee Bean


Gayo Coffee, Arabica Premium. Called as magic beans with premium taste, Gayo Coffee is acoffee made from the high-quality arabica beans and is cultivated in the Gayo highlands of Indonesia’s province of Aceh on the northern tip of Sumatra. Gowth around 1600 -17000 a.s.l, this product from Indonesia obtained the Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) status from the European Union (EU). 

One taste test conducted by Christopher Davidson one international copper. Christopher said that Gayo coffee has unique characteristics that are known by the term “heavy body and light acidity”, the which is hard when the coffee taste and aroma sensation drunk that Inspires passion.

  • coffee wich has pretty much favored by various circles in the world. 
  • Has aroma and flavor very distinctive. 
  • Most of the existing coffee left a bitter taste on the tongue. 
  • Gayo coffee flavor of the original lies in the fragrant aroma and savory taste hardly bitter. 
  • Fair Trade Certified™ by organisation International Fair Trade
  • Get higest cupping score